The basic philosophy of the program is to enable students to construct an integrated knowledge of various disciplines of social science, which can be obtained from analytical comparative studies and field-based experiences. In synthesizing the knowledge, both holistic and natural science perspectives will be encouraged, with a focus on the diversity and complexities of social dynamics as well as development problems in context. The ambitious aim of the program is to enhance the potential of social science as a part of the social learning process by producing a new body of knowledge that can keep pace with rapid socioeconomic growth and offer development alternatives that enable us to positively adapt to future changes.

This program encourages the search and development of methodologies based on the dynamic interchange of diverse paradigms and philosophies, including those of various ethnic groups, which are adaptable to the changing conditions of social environment. In the study of specific problems, a methodology of a specific social science discipline can be adopted, taking into account the holistic dimensions of social science.

In addition to the construction of knowledge, the program also strengthens the ability of students in their search for alternative development strategies based on ecological sustainability, equity and security of logical livelihood.